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 Cori Caputo House Portraits










I LOVE to paint Houses  - Inside or OUT !
All houses have a story and I would like to paint yours.  

Your home is  your favorite place to be so why not celebrate it with a  whimsical or serious  portrait,  

or order a painting for your favorite person who just bought their dream home. 



 When I paint a portrait of your house I can add your garden (no matter what the season) your favorite pets, the toys the kids leave out, the kids, your fun mailbox, future buildings you are thinking of building, snowmen dancing on the lawn,  anything  you would like to see.  I can make your dreams materialize right there on the paper.  I’ve also painted the past for people – stages of their  life in relationship to the house.

 Another choice is  narrowing the focus to your favorite room.  I can work from your photos or mine.  If you are in the NH seacoast area I can come take photos, work out a few sketches and we’ll decide which idea you like best.







 Common Sizes people order
Painting comes in a white acid free mat and fomecore backing in protective plastic sleeve.


The actual painting sizes:
11 x 14"   (with Mat  16 x 20")
15" x 22"   (with Mat 20 x 28")
18 x 24"   (with Mat 24" x 32")
22 x 30"    (with Mat 27" x 35")

Please allow 3 -8  months for your piece to be completed.  If you need it sooner -  Rush Fees apply.
Since this a painting  for your living room the copyright, the right to reproduce the work  is not included in sale price. I am now accepting orders.

I’ve been painting commissions for over 25 years.  References available upon request.

 Prices start at $625.-)        Deposit Required.

Please contact Cori  at coriartstudio @

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Please be polite - they may not be reproduced, copied , redistributed,sold,
 without written permission from the   artist.  ;-)